Christopher Reeve was born on September 25 in 1952, in New York City. During his early years, Reeve had already shown a talent and a keenness for acting. He attended Cornell University to do his undergraduate studies and then later went to Julliard (at this time he shared a room with Robin Williams to study drama).

Soon after moving to New York, Reeve soon found himself in a TV series which finally led him to Broadway. On this show he stared with Kathryn Hepburn in the play "A Matter of Gravity." After 2 years, Reeve finally filmed the first Superman film. Soon after the film was released, Reeve was shot into stardom and was afterwards a popular choice for film producers.

Overall Reeve was in 27 movies which included both TV and film, some of his biggest were:

In 1995 Reeve fell of a horse during the Commonwealth and combined training Association in The Virginia horse trials. Tragically this left Reeve paralysed from the neck down. Since Reeve started his long road to recovery he has stared in three movies and is now as a producer as well as a director.

Reeve is now currently an activist for people with spinal cord Injuries, and has opened a self-named foundation to help these people. Reeve is still married to his wife of 10 years (Diana Morosini) and they have a son.


Christopher Reeve Passed away on the night of October the 10th, while in a coma and suffering from a pressure wound (which is common for people with paralysis) He will surely be missed in life, his acting was inspiring to all.
Christopher Reeve; 1952 - 2004

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