I just found some sad news today. Houston-area crackpot and radio personality Chuck Shramek passed away recently.

Chuck Shramek was born December 27, 1950 and died May 23, 2000.

He did a daily newscast on the Stevens and Pruett morning show. His news included mostly odd tidbits from Reuters Oddly Enough and other odd news, including segments from the Art Bell Show and other wild conspiracy theories he would come across. It was always an interesting show, and to break up the monotony of stories about how NASA is collaborating with the Russians to keep the hidden, alien moon base out of the public eye, he occassionally played clips of comedian Bill Hicks. Anyway, the high point of the Stevens and Pruett show was always Chuck's radio cast.

Rest in peace, Chuck.

The weird thing is... I hadn't heard any news about him dying. This just screams cover-up, doesn't it?

You can visit his site at http://www.ufochuck.com/

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