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"Citadelle" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry © 1948 by Librarie Gallimard Paris

Citadelle (The Wisdom of the Sands), posthumous 1948 / trans. 1950

The final and unfinished work of the author. A visoinary account of the author's perception of humanity. In the form of a desert king's monologue the book tells of the law and wisdom that rules life in the desert city. The bare background of the desert allows for no distraction and the abstraction neccessary to reach out for a deeper conception of human life. At the same time it provides for a reservoir of allegories.

I wouldn't consider myself a devotee of all the author's works, but this book has rare strength, an almost cathartic effect. It is by no means a fast read, probably nothing to read in one go, but you will find yourself coming back to it again and again. While you read at times you will stop after just a few sentences and start off on your on thoughts. You might want to take notes ...

I would like to recommend this book to everyone.

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