Former cosmetologist turned commercial actress, Clara Peller became a national sensation in 1984, when she was featured in a campaign for the Wendy's restaraunt chain.

Accompanied by two other elderly women, Peller became famous uttering three words in a loud voice: Where's the beef?. Peller was in her 80's at the time of the commercial and so deaf that a member of the crew had to sit out of camera shot and pull her skirt to cue her to say her line.

Peller starred in a number of ads for Wendy's, earning $500,000 dollars. She was dropped by the company by the end of the year for appearing in a Prego Spaghetti Sauce commercial, claiming to have found the beef.

Peller appeared in two movies of dubious value, Moving Violations and The Stuff. She died in 1987.

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