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BR Class 03 (BR Doncaster/Swindon 0-6-0)

The most numerous of the small diesel-mechanical shunters produced for British Railways, this homegrown 0-6-0 design, built at BR's own Doncaster and Swindon works, numbered 230 examples. Like the other shunters of this type, they were built for lighter duties where a larger locomotive was not needed, especially at locomotive and carriage depots and as station pilots. The reduction over time in the demand for shunting locomotives meant that they were progressively withdrawn from 1968 on, many being sold to private industry, although some stayed on for much longer, including locomotives at Reading Signal Works and on the Isle of Wight, the latter remaining in service until 1993. In 1998, though, 03 179 was reinstated into service by the West Anglia Great Northern Railway Company (WAGN) for service at their Hornsey depot. The locomotive is named Clive.

In addition, a good number survive in preservation.

Drive is through a fluid flywheel and a five-speed gearbox (all gears are available in both directions), driving a jackshaft mounted beneath the cab and driving the wheels through coupling rods (US: side rods). Visually, they are easily recognised by the large exhaust stack, somewhat reminiscent of that on a steam locomotive.


    TOPS Numbering:  03 001-03 199  03 370-03 399
    1957 Numbering:  D2059-D2197, D2371-D2399
          Built by:  BR Doncaster and BR Swindon
        Introduced:  1958-1962
 Wheel Arrangement:  0-6-0 (C)
            Length:  26 feet (7.9m)
            Weight:  31 tonnes (metric tons)
    Maximum  Speed:  28.5mph (45.9 km/h)
            Engine:  Gardner 8L3
     Engine Output:  204hp (152 kW)
      Transmission:  Mechanical
        Brake Type:  Vacuum or dual (air and vacuum)
       Brake Force:  13 tons
      Heating Type:  None Fitted

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