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The Claw Machine is that rectangular box filled with toys that you love to hate. Found in many restaurants and movie theaters. Insert 50 cents, and you can move the claw around, then drop it to try and grab a toy. It's a skill that takes time to develop. My friend Josh and I have spent hours upon hours and dollars upon dollars in the Denny's on Main Street in Dayton, Ohio trying to get toys for my sister (his girlfriend), Meryn. And, if I do say so myself, we've been a bit successful.

In Japan, these are often called "UFO Catchers", because there's often a small plastic spaceship or flying saucer on top of the claw.

(This is just hearsay. "UFO Catcher" might be a brand name, a mistranslation, or something misremembered. I don't remember where I read it, anyway.)
A Japanese friend of mine who's there with his family at least once a year confirms that they do call them that.

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