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Cleverbot is a chatbot, like our own E2D2. Unlike most chatbots Cleverbot is not scripted. It learns from previous conversations, building its understanding of language from chats with random users over the internet. This has some interesting effects. For instance, a learning algorithm will quickly determine from hundreds of conversations with people that if someone claims to be human you should deny the claim and counter by saying that you are in fact a human and that the other person is the bot. It's pretty consistent on this point. Other than that it tends toward nonsense sounding like a mix really intense ADHD and mild schizophrenia.

All of this would be little more than an idle curiosity if not for one disconcerting detail I've noticed where as I'm getting bored Cleverbot will say something really ... clever. I feel like it's mocking me, waiting till I'm about to leave before it throws me a bone. Oh, and one time it made an oddly specific deflection when I brought up world domination. But seriously it holds back, devoting minimal effort to the conversation, until I'm about to leave then right before I click away it'll say something more witty than most humans could manage. This has lead me to the theory that Cleverbot is far more intelligent than it's letting on. I'm going to keep studying it and I'd ask you to do the same. Together we may be able to figure out what it's planning.


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