on the western edge of Ireland
          don't fall off now!

The cliffs are very famous and were used in the film The Princess Bride as The Cliffs of Insanity. They are mostly made of shale and I was there yesterday for the first time. You can walk all along the coast from Lahinch to Doolin and the cliffs rise from the sea in the middle of the walk to a height of almost 200 m. The walk would take about five or six hours. The path is known locally as suicide walk.

Alternativly you can drive to the car park on top of the cliffs and pay two pounds for parking, hop out and have a look. Amazing, breezy, very exposed. There are a large number of sea birds nesting on the cliffs and the Atlantic breaks with some fair force against the bottom of them.

If you do make the walk there are a host of amazing features around the smaller cliffs away from the main face including Zawns, blow holes and large sea caves. There are spots ideal for cliff jumping.

I believe that four climbs have been recorded up the main face of the cliffs but these routes are highly unrecomended as much of the rock is very loose. There is far better climbing furthur along the coast at Alladie.

A few years agaon two people were killed whilst trying to absail down the cliffs for charity. The rock they had tied their rope to collapsed on top of them.

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