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In March 1996, two guys from Winnipeg Manitoba, Chris Emery and Larry Finson, decide to market Emery's grandmother's recipe for cashews and graham wafers coated in white chocolate. For a couple years, their very small operation struggled as they were trying to land contracts with major retail stores. Victims of their own success, they couldn't produce enough to keep up with the demand from the retailers. Fortunately, they were able to pull through and these Canuck Smores can be found everywhere in Canada (Hudson's Bay/Zellers) and in the US thru WalMart. Last year, they struck a deal with Dairy Queen to produce a Clodhoppers Blizzard. (I dare not imagine what would've happened if they'd went for McDonalds) instead.

Clodhoppers variants:

(/me still hopes for dark chocolate).


Clod"hop`per (?), n.

A rude, rustic fellow.


© Webster 1913.

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