It's hot. It's sticky. You feel tired, dehydrated, and really just want to put your feet up, have a drink, and relax for a few minutes while you try and catch your train of thought. Something to tide you over until you have to begin the whole slog again.

But what to drink? Water will get you hydrated better than anything, but can be quite bland at times. A good cup of tea is always appreciated, but do you want to wait for the kettle to boil, carefully pour in milk, drop a teabag in, add hot water, stir? A pint of lager may be excellent at cooling you down, but you never know when you might need to drive off into the sunset. Best stick to the soft drinks.

But if there's one drink that really works well, it's the coke float. It'll keep you cool, tastes gorgeous, and is easy to prepare.

Making your very own handy-dandy coke float:

  1. Take a glass of a reasonable size. A pint glass works well for this.
  2. Pop in two scoops of soft vanilla ice cream.
  3. Over this, pour as much (chilled) cola as desired. With a pint glass, this should immerse the ice cream completely. Be careful when pouring, as the cola will produce a large amount of froth.
  4. Insert a teaspoon and give it a little stir.

You may now drink the finest soft drink ever prepared by mortal hands. Some people choose to eat the ice cream in the traditional manner, then drink the vanilla-flavoured coke afterwards. Others let the ice cream melt slightly, then drink it all. Either way, a wonderful, cold, vanilla cola is produced, with the ice cream as an added bonus.

Once you've tried the coke float, of course, the potential for variety is enormous. A Dr. Pepper float is especially nice, whilst using Vanilla Coke gives an even more intense ice creamy flavour.
Miles_Dirac says re Coke float: a coke float is even better w/ chocolate ice cream. Really! Add chocolate syrup too. *drool*

This writeup produced by the International Coke Float Conspiracy

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