Cole Fuel Rockets is a terrific rock group based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their sound is inspired by the great music of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five. You can surely notice that though the constant, catchy, rhythmic piano playing of their music. CFR is one of the best recent bands I have heard of. It is an unfortunate fact that they have yet to release a public record. If I were a millionaire record producer, I would definitely sign them...but, um, I'm not.

Cole Fuel Rockets is:

Matt Senter
Matt plays the piano, drums, guitar, and sings.

Coley Jones Franklin
Coley plays drums, bass, guitar, and sings.

Zack Helms
Zack plays drums, guitar, sings, and plays the djembe.

As you see, the three member of the band are all very talented multi-instrument musicians.


Bits and Pieces, released December 15, 2000
Bits and Pieces is the first organized recording of Cole Fuel Rockets, and is a "pre-demo" album. It was not released publicly, as it was meant to be a holiday present for friends and family of the band.

My Bum Is On Your Birthday, released June 4, 2001
Mostly a solo effort of Coley Jones, this two-track album is basically a birthday present for a friend of the band, Sherry Amore.

Lazy Eye, released June 30, 2001
Lazy Eye is CFR's first full-length album. The album is composed of two tracks from Bits and Pieces, one track from My Bum is on Your Birthday, and eight brand new songs, for a total of 11 terrific tracks.

As mentioned before, none of the above albums is available in stores. Unless if you are family or a friend of the band, you will have a hard time getting your hands on their full albums.

For sound samples and more information, visit

Super-double secret of the Band: Matt Senter and Coley Jones Franklin are one and the same person. But don't tell anybody.

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