A style of art “invented” by Abstract Expressionist, Helen Frankenthaler. Color-field is part of a group known as post-painterly abstraction. An art critic first used this phrase; such is the case with many art-related phrases. The art critic responsible for this phrase is Clement Greenberg.

Visual Characteristics:

Effects on the Viewer:

  • Paintings are meant to be seen close-up. This causes the viewer to be immersed in the environment created by the artist.
  • There are no obstacles between the artist or viewer and the idea.

Color-Field Painters:

Helen Frankenthaler (American, b. 1928) Mark Rothko (American, b. 1903) Kenneth Noland (American, b. 1924) Jules Olitski (American, b. 1922) Clyfford Still (American, b. 1904) Barnett Newman (American, b. 1905)

Sources and Images: http://www.artlex.com/ArtLex/c/colorfieldpainting.html http://instruct.westvalley.edu/grisham/1d_abx_color.html

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