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she had bright blue eyes like diamonds
(well, she really didn't, but for the sake of the song we'll say she did)
and she had hair as red as fire
(that part's actually true)
but oh, oh, oh
colours are not enough
colours are not enough to describe how he feels
how he feels

the government in bland blacks and blues
could not compare to the beauty of youth
(the government is really more grey, but that doesn't rhyme with youth does it?)

so she took to the skies
and they swarmed her like flies
the angels and killers
dementia and sinners
and she held her hands like she was a winner
(but she wasn't, she lost a lot. a lot, a lot, a lot.)

so I took her in my arms
and wept with her blue, blue eyes
blue, blue, blue, blue, blue

and her captain flew the ocean breeze
the breath she fell with execution
there's static between our hands
(that's only because it's winter, but doesn't it sound romantic?)

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