the ocean was my mother
and from her dingy depths I was born
covered in seaweed and coral and fishes
the sponges I know are not made for dishes

I was washed ashore onto the sands
wrenched and wrestled from neptune's hands
atlantis behind me in ruins of shale
off in the waters I see distant sails

shells and glass beneath my feet
blessings and footprints feel as sane as a dream
and like humans we all burst at the seam

as bared to the elements as the day I was born
looking like a lamb, all wet and shorn
porcelain skin is laid out to dry
a cliff overhangs as we focus on the sky

and the birds and the whales are my brethren
this beach is the closest you'll ever see to heaven

blue skies float overhead
but the blue blue blue green waters are my home
oh, my only home on this world
and when I am run aground
I find that I am found once again
by the seaweed and the coral and the fishes
the sponges and the squid and the eels
the dolphins and the shells and the seals

my brothers and sisters
your god is in the sea

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