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Comic Vendor is the oldest comic book store in the world.

Opening their doors nearly 40 years ago, Comic Vendor has been owned and operated by the same man, Nick, for the entire length of it's existence.

They are currently located at 17430 Crenshaw Blvd #C, Torrance, CA, where the shop has been for nearly a decade.

The store also specializes in action figures as well as having one of the most diverse comic selections available. Whether one is looking for translated comics from Japan or Korea, or looking for the latest titles from Marvel or DC, or if you're looking for the latest expansion pack for Magic: The Gathering, it'll be there.

And if, by some quirk of fate, they don't have exactly what you're looking for, you can special order it. If it is out there, Nick will find it. Many times, what you're looking for is in his warehouse.

Other items commonly found in the shop include t-shirts, card sleeves, collectible cards by artists such as Olivia or Boris Vallejo, comic boxes and sleeves, and videos such as DragonballZ, Batman Beyond and Sailor Moon.

you can satisfy your craving for knowledge of comic goodness by starting here.

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