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My candidate as the Most Beautiful Computer Ever (well, at least until Apple released these recent cube things).

C64G was a "new version" of Commodore's rulesome True Computer, Commodore 64. It was released around 1989 before the ill-fated Commodore 64GS (which is an entirely different contraption, don't let the name fool you).

The insides of Commodore 64G were mostly identical with the Commodore 64C (the model people like to refer to as the "new" Commodore 64). It had a 8580 model of SID. The motherboard was a BN/E model (the smaller one) in which the ROM chip had both BASIC and Kernal in one.

The outsides are the sexy part. The mold was that of the classical "old" C64, aka "bread box"; However, the color of the whole machine and the keyboard was the light creamy white, similar to C64C. All in all, the appearance combined the best of the old and the new.

I remember this machine being marketed in a package with one of those horrible, broken-in-a-second Commodore joysticks and a module titled "Super Games" that had Colossus Chess, Silicon Cyborgs and International Soccer. Personally, a friend bought this package; I received the manuals, broken joystick and the game module from him, and years and years later bought the computer itself from flea market. Back in the day, we planned to swap our machines (I had a C64C), but we didn't when the parents were against it.

I have noticed one really bad thing about C64G, though: The makers, in their infinite wisdom, thought "hey, older C64s had this bug with SID that if you changed volume it made a pop. Let's remove that!" ... but that pop was a widely known and very clever hack that was used to play sound samples! It is, with some soldering, possible to change the sound samples to acceptable level.

More information: http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/ckb/secret/remix.html
I have photos of my C64G on my home page:

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