Please don't forget that the Amiga was in fact created by a rebellious band of developers who first called themselves Hi Toro and the machine "Lorraine".

The now late "father" of the Amiga, Jay Miner was originally at Atari, where he designed the legendary Atari 2600 and some special chips Atari used for many machines (the Pokey chip for example). He left when Atari's leaders refused to fund a research project for a 16-bit computer. Jay found some venture capitalists and hardware developers and started work. After various difficulties and strange happenings, they created a piece of history which Commodore bought and in a way ruined.

Commodore made two of the best selling, and indeed the most advanced home computers in the world in the 1980's and early 90's. However, an interesting thing to note about Commodore computers is that the offical name of the company was Commodore Business Machines. They always insisted on marketing their best selling computers primarily as business machines and not as the games machines that consumers wanted.

No doubt, from their viewpoint, this was a sensible thing to do; It gave the computers some credibility alongside the early IBM PCs and allowed them to charge a little over the going rate for a home computer because, hey, it's not only a games machine, you can use it for homework!

The touble was, they seemed to believe their own marketing men. Usually a bad move, that.

Sega and Nintendo eventually started to release games consoles which offered better graphics and sometimes better games than the Amiga could offer. Kids, being kids, wanted to play the latest games, so most parents started buying their younger children a console with the intention of buying a "Real PC" when they were old enough to need it for homework.

Commodore responded by released the Amiga 1200 and 3000 series with much improved graphics and CPU speeds, but by this time the price of the average PC clone was falling and it's credibility as a games machine was growing.

By this late stage, even if Commodore had produced an Amiga to compete in performance terms with the PC they couldn't hope to compete in terms of retail price, as the PC Clone was an open system, allowing builders to change to the cheapest supplier for component parts.

The moral of this story is probably: Know who your real customers are, and learn from your own mistakes!
Found a complete Commodore 128 system in the trash
a few months adrenaline pumping like a
steriod-jacked wieghtlifter, I eagerly loaded
it all into the workvan, the sleek and sexy slimline
cpu, the flawless 1084 color monitor, a nifty little
Star Micronix color printer, and best of all, a big
box of original software. PrintShop deluxe, even!

Visions of soaring bids on E-Bay danced in my head

Got it home, spent two hours setting it up, evil
captiloist leer upon my sweaty face. Hackers from
Brussels, send me your deutschmarks!

Then the moment of glory came. The boot-up sequence.
The 1541 whirred like a chunking toy train, the monitor
hummed, and wait. WHAT?! The blue (or green, switch
on the monitor to change) screen of failure.

Visions of soaring bids dissapated in an audiable poof.

So now it sits, in a garage in CT, awaiting the next
drooling savior.

The Commodore Meta Node

Hi everyone, since I'm not much of a factual or fictional noder. I figured I would instead lend my services to e2 as a librarian.

This is going to be a work in progress for a long time...

So it with it is with great pleasure that I bring you the commodore metanode. If you discover any more nodes please don't add a write up just /msg me instead and I'll give you give credit. Any suggestions and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated. I guess I should mention what a node must have to qualify for entry into this metanode; it must mention said Commodore device, software etc. Due to the volatile nature of the nodegel, nodes and writeups come and go, so if there's no reference of said devices in the node let me know too!

Oh oh, just thought of something else. After seeing break's Amiga Scene Groups I've decided if I come across meta nodes that already cover certain aspects of this metanode (i.e group names or games list) I will remove all references in this metanode and just identify that node as a "metanode". I'll try to re-write this later on but I just wanted to state it.




680x0, 68030, A3000, A4000, A500, Amiga 500, amiga, Amiga 1000, Amiga 1200, AmigaOS, CDTV, IFF

Commodore 64

Includes derivatives SX64, C65 etc.. oh and yeah 128's going here too!
5 1/4 inch disk, 6502, C64, commodore 64, Commodore 65, Commodore Executive 64, GO64, MOS 6510, parallax scroll, raster interrupts, SID, SuperCPU, Zzap

Other computers made by CBM

VIC20, Commodore 16


The Oldskool PC



Tape, disks, cartridges also includes software that can be used on other platforms to generate commodore compatible binaries; cross compilers or to emulate.




Lightwave, Mesa, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Video Toaster, VIM

Commodore 64


archon, Armalyte, California Games (C64), Crazy Comets, the great giana sisters, Impossible Mission, Jumpman Junior, Maniac Mansion, parallax, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Wizball, zork


Amy Squirrel, Elvin Atombender


geos, Lunix, PET Speed, simon's basic, VICE, xa

Companies & People

Software Houses




Jack Tramiel


Bjorn Lynne, Rob Hubbarb




History, general information, opinions, people. If there's any reference to commodore it's here.
Commodore Business Machines


Amiga fans, Amiga Persecution Complex, Amiga Scene Groups (meta node), BeOS, Jay Miner

Commodore 64

#c-64, ",8" or ",8,1"?, Atari 2600, Atari ST, Bonzai, geeksta rap, Commodore, Commodore 64 ate my balls!, Golden Age of video games ,graphics over playability, It's All about the Pentiums, kuusi, Legend of the Blink Tag, LOAD"$",8, My first computer, My old Mint Tins, Noded with C64, Retro video games you'd rather play than the new hi-tech stuff, speccy vs c64, the day you discover one of your icons is a neophyte noder


demoscene, demo scene, Gospel of Tux

The great Everything Commodore census

If you wish to participate please /msg me the make and model of your machine and whether you still own one.

booyaa (C64|N), CaptainSpam (128|Y), WWWWolf (V20|Y),(C64|Y),(C64|Y), Stavr0 (AMG|Y)(C128|Y)(C64|Y)(C64|Y)(C64|Y)(C64|Y)(C64|Y), toalight (AMG|Y).

I have to put this guy in his own class he has got to have the biggest personal inventory of Commodore devices: Jope's CBMs (this has to be seen to be believed)


^ ^ | | | +----- Still in possession of device +-------- Machine (see below)
C64 - Commodore 64		AMG - Commodore Amiga	PET - Commodore Pet
V20 - Vic 20		IBM - Commodore PC		128 - Commdore 128
C+4 - Plus 4		C16 - Commodore 16

Document history:
27AUG2003 2056 lenz comes up with yet more commodore goodies commodore 16. I revise the hardware section consolidating the VIC 20 section into Other computers made by CBM 14AUG2003 0709 lenz informs me that he's done a Commodore 65 writeup. toalight's inventory gets add the ever growing list.
13AUG2003 2103 zaku informs me of Commodore Business Machines and Jack Tramiel existence.
24JUN2001 1820 Okay this insanity must stop.. I need to organise this metanode. If you find something remotely useful /msg me. But for now I'm going to have to re-think how to organize metanode because it's just too difficult to manage in it's current state. Sorry.
24JUN2001 1624 Added Starv0's inventory.
29MAY2001 0039 Added pretty much to everyone of the sections. Also revised the masthead. Also broke up the sections using more <HR> tags
27MAY2001 2152 break advises me of Amiga Scene Groups and Jope's CBMs.
26MAY2001 2200 Document created.

Commodore is a rank in the Royal Navy, equivalent to Air Commodore in the RAF (because RAF officer ranks are mostly based on the navy's) and Brigadier in the Army and Royal Marines.

In all the services it is a somewhat estranged rank; it exists immediately before the 'top brass' ranks (General in the army, Admiral in the navy and Marshal in the RAF) but above most of the more common ranks. Indeed, it often appears as one of these, in systems based on the British: Commodore-Admiral and Brigadier-General have both existed at some point somewhere. This is reflected in the insignia: Ranks below commodore are indicated by increasing numbers of stripes, whereas commodore is a single thicker stripe. Beyond commodore normal stripes are added on.

Whereas admirals get proper flags, commodores have a burgee.

Com"mo*dore` (?), n. [Prob. a corruption of commander, or Sp. comendador a knight of a military order who holds a commandery; also a superior of a monastery;, fr. LL. commendare to command. Cf. Commend, Command, Commander.]

1. U. S. Navy

An officer who ranks next above a captain; sometimes, by courtesy, the senior captain of a squadron. The rank of commodore corresponds with that of brigadier general in the army.

2. Brititsh Navy

A captain commanding a squadron, or a division of a fleet, or having the temporary rank of rear admiral.


A title given courtesy to the senior captain of a line of merchant vessels, and also to the chief officer of a yachting or rowing club.


A familiar for the flagchip, or for the principal vessel of a squadron or fleet.


© Webster 1913.

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