An Australian company, makers of one of the first samplers, the Fairlight CMI; they now specialize in more-esoteric digital audio products. The CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) helped change music: in the hands of Jan Hammer, it created the ambiances of Miami Vice; Kate Bush used it for The Dreaming, a stylistic makeover for her. Same for Peter Gabriel. Trevor Horn built a career on it. Others just used it as a fancy synthesizer, rarely straying beyond the presets.

Fairlight used to be a warez group on the amiga and c64 platforms. Recently they announced they would start again in the demo business, funnily enough,
taking over the recently formed Razor 1911 demo section which jumped boards
due to disagreements with the warez section's organizers.

Fairlight is apparently back into the scene because they have released a number of games in recent memory. They seem to be competing with the big boys like Razor 1911 and Deviance because they have the newest releases like all the rest (whether they are 0-day or not I could not say). If you're wondering, I get all my scene news from ISOnews.

Fairlight was also the company in the pencil and paper RPG Shadowrun that produced the Fairlight Excalibur, the finest cyberdeck available in the whole game and often only available on the black market. It had the best response time and the highest MPCP hardening that was available and it cost a fucking fortune, much more than the average runner could afford. Having an Excalibur made you one of the Matrix's hacking elite.

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