Nowadays, producer-to-the-stars and a now-official member of Art of Noise, one of his early legendary production projects. He was the singer in The Buggles, a four-eyed wimp with trademark cheesy hornrims; Buggles became briefly part of Yes (what&was management smoking?) before splitting. Horn became an in-demand producer (e.g. Yes' 90125) and co-founded Zang Tuum Tumb; he was among the early adopters of digitalia and innovative in his use of it. Credits galore.

As a producer, his most famous productions are albums by Seal, Tina Turner, Frankie goes to Hollywood and Grace Jones.

His major contribution to pop music is his bombastic production and the use of samplers (particularly the Fairlight CMI), sometimes (arguably) to the point of excess (such as cutting and pasting Welcome to the pleasuredome on Frankie's first album until it reached the 13-minute mark).

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