During the end of the eighties, the Amiga's underground cracker- and demo-scene was growing into a big and closely connected community. In 1988, the first diskmags started to appear. The typical pre-1990 diskmag had articles covering topics like hardware hacks, movies, copy parties and the never-ending wars between different groups. Also, very typical for this period was the extremely poor spelling and grammar.
As the scene matured, diskmags took three different directions: The pure scene mag - like RAW, the special interest mag - like AM/FM and the UFO fanzines, and the mags trying to cover every topic there was, like Grapevine. Sadly, the latter type often published material found on Usenet and bulletin board systems, taking pride in quantity over quality. In the middle of the nineties, the scene mags were getting more and more self-analysing, serious and often negative. An example of a very popular topic is "The scene is dying", wallowing in memories of The Good Old Days and cursing the Wintel PC as the Amiga scene's nemesis.
Diskmags are still being released on the Amiga, but are now merely bleak shadows of what they once were.

This is an attempt to list all diskmags released in the Amiga scene, including the number of issues, their publishers and what years they showed up and disappeared.
Yes, this list is incomplete. If you can fill in any holes or have corrections, I'd appreciate a /msg.

Sources: My own head and some good help from the Google search engine. To my knowledge, this is the only existing list covering this topic. If you know any other similar projects, please /msg me a URL or information about where it can be found. Thanks to AlphaFox for additional info.
This list was inspired by break's Amiga Scene Groups node.

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