There doesn't seem to be enough huge and completely pointless projects on E2 these days. Well, here's one.

This is my attempt to gather every single group from the piracy and demo scene on Amiga into one massive list, from the early days to the present. It is also my intent to fill up groups' nodes with all the information I cand get my hands on.
Some of these teams were small, "lame" and didn't produce much. But in my opinion they all deserve to be mentioned, if only for the interest of noding for the ages. It also must be noted that there have been separate groups sharing the same title, and numerous teams have changed their name resulting in the same people mentioned multiple times.

It has been a fair amount of work collecting this stuff, so I would prefer you to not steal it without giving me credit.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Any groups not mentioned here? /msg them to me! You'll get credited for your additions.
I quit my scene activities around 1995, so I don't have much knowledge of teams joining in after that. Naturally, the years prior to '95 aren't covered nearly perfectly either. Also missing are many pirate groups and demo people from exotic countries like Poland. :) This list is still very, very incomplete, and I'll frequently be making my own updates as well. So many scrolltexts to read, so little time...
Got a lot of info on a certain group? Node it! I don't think one lifetime is enough to fill up all these. But please be thorough and triple-check your facts.

This metanode currently lists 1224 groups.
Last updated: May 26, 2002

Special thanks to Allanon, FelonyMPulse, Hot_Rod, Jope and Knos.
And also to Sakke for inspiration. :)

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I'd like to quote a well-known Spaceballs demo now...
"Phew!" :)

Sources include my own memory, a friend's demo list, old greetings lists, diskmags and so on. Some pirate groups were taken from the list at

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