A brand of ultra violet sensitive, fluorescent paint manufactured by Modern Masters in Hollywood, California. They are a water-based acrylic paint that "glow" under a blacklight. Colors include Deep Blue, Hot Pink, Optical White and Deep Yellow and can be intermixed to create an unlimited color palette. A UV Inhibitor varnish can also be applied to prevent the flourescent paint from UV rays.

The Wildfire Heavy Nerf Cannon

The Wildfire is a rotary, air-powered, 20 shot Nerf cannon. Capable of firing all 20 shots in around 4 seconds, this weapon can be used at long range to put serious amounts of fire on your enemy.

  • 20 Darts, the largest load of any known Nerf weapon
  • Rapid fire rate
  • Light and very managable

  • It takes a long time to charge with air
  • It's short length means it is harder to aim
  • Takes a long time to reload with darts
ModernAngel remained civil during his presentation of the Michael Murphey song by this name, but I have to say that this godforsaken piece of hellcrap is the embodiment of the worst in 70s music. Dumb-ass lyrics, sentimentalism so deep you could drill a bore into it and Hummell figurines would gush out, and a mopey preoccupation with a lover's death that manages to be infuriatingly self-centered at the same time combine to make this hit single something that still gives me the heebie-jeebies whenever I think back on it.

It scared me as a kid. Why was this awful man forcing this story on me about his dead girlfriend's dead pony coming to get him?

A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Drake Burroughs is the real name of the hero Wildfire. A student at Metropolis University, Drake was caught in a reactor accident that destoyed his body and transformed him into "anti-energy." With the help of Professor Vultun, Drake was able to inhabit a containment suit that allowed him some semblence of a normal life. Drake applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes under the name ERG-1, but was turned down for admittance. Drake left his containment suit during the tryouts, later to return and reapply for admittance as Wildfire.

Wildfire is able to project energy blasts and is able to fly by allowing his "anti-energy" to react with normal energy. Wildfire's greatest weakness is his dependence upon the containment suit for a physical form. If the suit becomes damaged, Wildfire's anti-energy is set free until an new suit is obtained. Because each suit is slightly different in construction, Wildfire's powers vary according to the suit.

Wildfire recently was able to construct for himself a solid energy form with the help of his fellow Legionaire Quislet. This broke Drake's dependence upon the containment suit, and offered Wildfire hope for his romantic relationship with Dawnstar.

Wildfire is famous as the virtual personal assistant / voicemail service made available on several (mainly mobile) phone networks. The name is taken from the name of the company which created it, Wildfire Communications (wildfire.com)

Wildfire Communications suggest that

Wildfire is an established leader in the personal assistant market and the only carrier-grade personal assistant available.
Indeed, Wildfire has been purchased by all of these companies:

Wildfire recognizes certain phrases. The intention is that the user converses with it in the same way as they would a human personal assistant. Here's a typical exchange:

<Her>  Hello you have a message from John
<You>  What's it say?
<John's message>
<You>  Throw it away
<Her>  Done, that's it for messages.
<You>  Goodbye Wildfire
<Her>  Thank you. Goodbye
The logic that supports Wildfire is quite neat. When you first start using it, prompts will frequently be offered listing the commands you can use at that point. For example, having played John's message, Wildfire might offer "'Create a contact' or 'throw it away'?"
This is quite useful. What's even better is that after you've used the available options a few times the prompts will no longer be offered. If you ever forget the available options there is always the fall-back of asking "What can I say?" to be given the list again.

Wildfire also has some Easter Eggs. A friend of mine discovered these while exploring the various options available. It's already been listed one the Easter Egg archive at eggs.com though, so I guess he wasn't the first.

<You> Do me a favour.
<Wildfire> (Suggestively) What kind of favour?

  • <You> I'm depressed.
  • <You> What does a cow say?

I have Wildfire on Orange. I paid a £10 fee to get access to the service and the calls cost the same as calls to my regular voicemail would do. I don't think Wildfire saves me much time but it is quite cool.

Wild"fire (?), n.


A composition of inflammable materials, which, kindled, is very hard to quench; Greek fire.

Brimstone, pitch, wildfire . . . burn cruelly, and hard to quench. Bacon.

2. Med. (a)

An old name for erysipelas.


A disease of sheep, attended with inflammation of the skin.


A sort of lightning unaccompanied by thunder.



© Webster 1913.

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