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A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Drake Burroughs is the real name of the hero Wildfire. A student at Metropolis University, Drake was caught in a reactor accident that destoyed his body and transformed him into "anti-energy." With the help of Professor Vultun, Drake was able to inhabit a containment suit that allowed him some semblence of a normal life. Drake applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes under the name ERG-1, but was turned down for admittance. Drake left his containment suit during the tryouts, later to return and reapply for admittance as Wildfire.

Wildfire is able to project energy blasts and is able to fly by allowing his "anti-energy" to react with normal energy. Wildfire's greatest weakness is his dependence upon the containment suit for a physical form. If the suit becomes damaged, Wildfire's anti-energy is set free until an new suit is obtained. Because each suit is slightly different in construction, Wildfire's powers vary according to the suit.

Wildfire recently was able to construct for himself a solid energy form with the help of his fellow Legionaire Quislet. This broke Drake's dependence upon the containment suit, and offered Wildfire hope for his romantic relationship with Dawnstar.