A jackal headed god from the Egyptian time period; often portrayed as the god of the dead or the guardian of the afterlife. He is also known to be a finder of lost things or a keeper of things. The experienced Egyptian priest could call upon Anubis to send guardians (supposedly in the form of large dogs or jackals) to guard something of importance.

Anubis' other callings was being the god of divination. Being the guardian of the Underworld has it's perks, he would ceratinly know everything there was to tell. He was not a god to be feared, as he was the negotiator between the powers that be and whoever the next lost soul happened to be. Any form of soothsaying is guarded by this dark, dog-headed creature.

A*nu"bis (#), n. [L.] Myth.

An Egyptian deity, the conductor of departed spirits, represented by a human figure with the head of a dog or fox.


© Webster 1913.

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