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A "limited edition infectious electro-industrial compilation" released in 1999 by Dependent Records. Only 4,000 copies were made. A short message from Dependent's president, Stefan Herwig, says "The purpose of 'SEPTIC' is to re-establish a value for Music on Various Artist Compilations. While many compilations in the past have simply consisted of an uninspired almost random choice of artist tracks, SEPTIC tries to be a contagious concept to with a value for the music and the soundcarrier that you hear. Virus spread..."

I have only ever heard a complaint about one song on this album. If you like newer style industrial, you will probably want this cd.

Tracklist, and artist notes from the booklet:

1. Front Line Assembly - Sado-Masochism (Abandoned mix by Velvet Acid Christ) 6:30
The abandoned Remix of Velvet Acid Christ for the FLA-Remix-album "Re-Wind" was put on this Compilation due to heaviest interest from DJs and audience all over the world. The effort proved right, since the Remix is an excellent piece of work.

2. :wumpscut: - Flucht (previously unreleased) (4:28)
"Flucht" is a previously unreleased Track of the forthcoming Wumpscut-Album "Boeses Junges Fleisch", which is supposed to be released in late March 1999. Before, Wumpscut intend to release the Double-CD-Single "Totmacher", dedicated to the memory of the German Serial Killer Fritz Haarmann, who killed boys by ripping their carotid artery apart with his bare teeth, while having sexual intercourse with them.

3. Covenant - Luminal (Test Version) (4:40)
The Track is an early Demo-Version of Covenants "Luminal", which was featured on the European "Sequencer Beta"-Edition of the OffBeat label. However, the artist never intended to release the original version, because they were not happy with the end result and the recording quality. After several requests from their record company which did not agree with the bands opinion, the band decided to put it on Memento Materias Label-Compilation "Electro Magnetic" and on "SEPTIC". New Covenant-Material is scheduled for September 1999.

4. Individual Totem - In Memorial (Exclusive Track) (5:00)
Individual Totem have managed to become one of the most original Electronic Acts in the last years. Their latest Album "Mind Sculptures Flesh" is an excellent example of the variety of their influences and styles. Highly recommended (OffBeat/Pendragon Rec.).
The exclusive track was written only days after the death of vocalist Bernd Madls father.

5. Velvet Acid Christ - W.H.T.S.W.H.T.K. 98 (No sleep ,til Fun With Knives Mix) (6:56)
The Track is a re-recording of the Live Version of an old VAC-Track. After their first European Tour there was a lot of demand to release this version, which is followed with this studio version of the Track. Velvet Acid Christ are currently putting their finishing touch on the new Album "Fun With Knives". According to the band, this is going to be their best album up to date.

6. Arzt & Pfusch - Skumfuck (Version 2) (6:08)
Mysterious, weird Danish Industrial project. Various artwork and intentions. Debut Album release imminent.

7. Numb - Half-Life (Exclusive Track) (6:02)
Exclusive Track from the Canadian Cult-Project around Dan Gordon. Numb is known for delivering weird electronic-industrial msuic, boundaries as they fit. Their sixth and latest album "Language Of Silence" (Metropolis/Music Research) is a definite proof that the project has still not peaked.

8. Mesh - People Like Me (Alt.MESH.Mix) (5:05)
Exclusive Mis of a new, yet unreleased Track of the English project. Unfortunately MESH's popularity is not on par with their quality. One of the few true innovators of Synth Pop-Music.

9. VNV Nation - Rubicon (Exclusive Track) (5:40) (ed. note - this is listed as the Primary Version on VNV's website)
The Irish/English project was undoubted the most successful newcomer in 1998. The well-attended tours and an excellent "Debut"-sound carrier called "Praise The Fallen" (OffBeat/Wax Trax) did not miss their effect. New Album is scheduled for the second half of 1999.

10. Stromkern - Im Traum (Previously Unreleased) (4:31)
Still almost unknown, Stromkern deliver one of the strongest compositions on this Compilation. American Ned Kirby improved his songwriting and programming skills on the forthcoming album "Dämmerung Im Traum". Stromkern are currently residing in Germany and are looking forward to some live performance activities in the near future.

11. New Mind - We Can Be Together (Panther Modern Mix) (4:55)
The Track is an exclusive Remix of New Minds 1998 Album "Deepnet". The original Song however, is a cover version of a late 60's song from Jefferson Airplane. In the opinion of New Mind/Jonathan Sharp the album "Deepnet" is the result of all the idealistic ideas and concepts of the 60's/70's turning out to not have worked. No remains are to be found in the 90's.

12. Suicide Commando - Last Decision (4:59)
This Track has only been released on the US-Edition of Suicide Commandos EP "Contamination (EDT Records). The Track itself was already written in 1995, during the "Stored Images"-phase. Suicide Commando remain one of the few bands staying truly focused on the original style of Industrial/Electro, incorporating no crossover elements at all. Johan Van Roy plans to release a limited edition Compilation of Suicide Commandos best Demo-tracks in April 1999. Title: Chromdioxyde.

13. Pail - Paver Structure (Suffering Remix) (5:46)
One of the first live-signs of high quality Electronic music from Spain is this talented project from Caustic Records. Pail is a mix of a wide variety of Electronic music styles, incorporating Electro, drum'n bass, and ambient.

14. Click Click - HSD (Exclusive Track) (7:20)
An exclusive Track from one of the pioneers of Electronic Music concludes the Compilation. Although Click Click's style has shifted quite a lot since the re-union of brothers Derek and Adrian Smith, a lot of the original trademarks and especially the unique atmosphere are still incorporated in their compositions.

All quotations and liner notes in this writeup are sic.

Sep"tic (?), a. [Septi- + -ic.] Math.

Of the seventh degree or order.


n. Alg.

A quantic of the seventh degree.


© Webster 1913.

Sep"tic (?), Sep"tic*al (?), a. [L. septicus, Gr. , fr. to make putrid: cf. F. septique.]

Having power to promote putrefaction.


© Webster 1913.

Sep"tic, n.

A substance that promotes putrefaction.


© Webster 1913.

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