This is a traditional Inuit method for killing polar bears, Ursus maritimus.

Materials: Harpoon, knife, firemaking items, sled with dogs, saw for making an igloo.

Step 1: Wait motionless on the ice at a breathing hole of a seal. When it comes up for air, harpoon the animal and dress in the normal fashion.

Step 2: Take two straighter seal ribs (15-20cm) from the more posterior part of the animal and carve such that all edges are sharp.

Step 3: Using firemaking items, render some seal blubber into liquid.

Step 4: Soak ribs in warm rendered seal blubber such that they become flexible.

Step 5: Before ribs cool completely, bend the rib such that convex side becomes concave and the rib is "folded" in half. Note that the rib is flexible but elastic and will go back to its original shape.

Step 6: Using seal sinew tie ribs into folded conformation and place outside in arctic air until frozen

Step 7: Take folded frozen ribs cut off sinew and pack in a ball of chopped blubber and snow just large enough to envelop the rib; about the size of an orange.

Step 8: Place several blubber/snow/rib balls on the spot where the seal was butchered and build an igloo somewhere nearby.

Step 9: Wait for a polar bear to come and eat the blubber/rib balls. The dog team will let you know when the bear shows up. The bear will swallow them whole as they are frozen but have the tasty smell of seal blubber

What happens next is the blubber balls thaw in the bear, the ribs straighten out and perforate the bear's digestive tract.

Step 10: Track the bear with the dog team until you find its carcass. This may take up to a week. Care should be taken when eating polar bears; the liver of the polar bear is toxic and should not be eaten and the flesh may be septic when killed in this manner therefore it should be cooked thoroughly.

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