EPCOT has a few nice little ponds purely for aesthetics. All of the ponds are fenced off. However, there are no signs, or weren't last week, prohibiting people from jumping the fence and going into the water.
Also at EPCOT, a vender sells Balzacs, or incredibly large balls. If thrown over the fence and into the water, one would think the ball is lost. Not so. One can easily jump over the fence and dive into the water to retrieve the ball.
My friend managed to jump into the water and sink beneath the level of the water, as there was a steep drop. Upon returning to the fence, park maintainance crews found my drenched friend. Since there are, or were, no signs, the park couldn't do anything. If my friend were to get sick because of the water, Disney could be in trouble with a lawsuit. To safeguard against this my friend got over sixty dollars worth of clothing.

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