Timex is best known as a clock and watch company. It first came into being when Thomas Olsen bought the Waterbury Clock Company in 1941 and rebranded it Timex. The name is a portmanteau of Time Magazine and Kleenex.

These days, Timex has been absorbed into the Borg Collective ... no, wait, the Dutch holding group Timex, B.V., aka the Timex Group. It is a privately held company and does not publish sales data or income. Their headquarters is in the lovely city of Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Not counting the businesses who sell the products, the Timex Group has over 7,500 employees as of 2015. The Olsen family still owns the Timex Group through another holding company called "Fred. Olsen & Co".

The Timex brand uses a tag line that says "Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking", referring to the reliability of their watches. Timex watches are more for daily use instead of wearing out to a night at the opera like a Rolex or going for a jaunt in your private jet wearing your Breitling Emergency.

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