Comedy that ran for two seasons in 1965 -half of the episodes where filmed in black and white and half in color. Just one of the many quality shows rescued from the TV grave yard by TV Land


Set at Fort Courage, a western outpost, sometime after the Civil War. F Troop was a bunch of connivers, misfits, drunks and basically lovable cast of characters who were stationed a Fort Courage.

Main Cast of Characters

Captain Parmenter - played by actor Ken Berry (later of Mayberry R.F.D. and Mama's Family fame)
Comes from a family steeped in military tradition. Gained his rank by sneezing during a battle in the Civil War at just the right moment. This caused the troops under his command to retreat in the wrong direction and the battle was won. Subsequently awarded the Purple Heart (which I don't think existed at the time) and promoted. Was then stationed at Fort Courage to bring discipline and order to the troops under his command. Basically a clumsy, fall on your head type of role. Had an evil twin, Kid Vicious (also played by Berry) that was a bank robber.

Wrangler Jane - played by actress Melody Patterson
Born Jane Angelica Thrift - runs the local general store. Very tough and could out shoot any of the soldiers stationed at Fort Courage. Had her sights mostly set on capturing Captain Parmenter as a husband.

Sergeant O' Rourke -played by actor Forrest Tucker
Son of an Irish immigrant and a lifer in the army. Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke was the CEO of O'Rourke Enterprises, a highly suspect organization that was in the business of selling Indian trinkets and souveniers. Also ran the towns local saloon. The saloon was usually stocked with moonshine made by the local Indian tribe, the Hekawi's. The Hekawi's traded their moonshine for blankets and wampum with O'Rourke Enterprises.

Corporal Agarn - played by actor Larry Storch
Basically the right hand man and partner of Sergeant O' Rourke. Usually came up with some get rich quick schemes on his own. Had several cousins (also played by Storch) that appeared sporadically. Among them were a Mexican bandito, a French fur trapper and a Cossack

Chief Wild Eagle - played by actor Frank deKova
Leader of the Hekawi tribe. A peaceful Indian tribe that can't remember how to do a war dance, except for the old medicine man, Roaring Chicken. Conducts negotiations with O'Rourke and Agarn on behalf of the Hekawi's with O'Rourke Enterprises. Supervises the preparation of moonshine for the local saloon.

Minor Cast of Characters

Hannibal Dobbs - the worst bugler in the army
Trooper Vanderbilt - the almost blind lookout.

I can't seem to get my hands on the theme song -if any fellow noders can get to it, please add!!!

Here are the lyrics to the theme song, written by Irving Taylor and William Lava. An annoyingly obvious remake version appears on the first "Television's Greatest Hits" album. The best moment in the opening titles is during the "both turn chicken" line, when the film is reversed to make it look everyone's riding their horses backward.

The end of the Civil War was near
When quite accidentally
A hero who sneezed abruptly seized
Defeat and reversed it to victory

His medal of honor pleased and thrilled
His proud little family group
While pinning it on, some blood was spilled
And so it was planned he'd command F Troop

Where Indian fights are colorful sights
And nobody takes a lickin'
When paleface and redskin
Both turn chicken

When drilling and fighting get them down
They know their morale can't droop
As long as they all relax in town
Before they resume with a bang and a boom
F Troop

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