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10:10 is known as happy time! Why is it known as such? Why because when the hands on a watch point at the two numbers it looks similar to a happy face.

Strange but true, for most catalogs(Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) have all their clocks set at 10:10 to make them look happier. This method has even stretched to digital clocks.

Mblase has his own theories on a 10:09 setting involving symmetrical hands. However, one should keep doubt in mind. For a theory on a perfectly timed watch should definitely be doubted, because many watches can have their hands manually moved.

Ads also show pictures of watches with their hands set to 10:10 because most watch manufactures place their logo under the 12. It's believed the 10:10 setting not only provides an unobstructed view of the logo, looks like a smile, but also frames the logo with the hands. Before the '70s the tradition was to set the hands for 8:20 but then Timex decided this did look too much like a frown. Also, watch manufacturers began to add subdials at the 8 and 4 positions. The old 8:20 setting would block these new gizmos.

Timex actually had a series of television ads in the '70s explaining why the hands were now set at 10:10. (Were they afraid of rioting?)

A recent trend (who knew there were trends in watch hand ad settings?) is to set the minute hand at the 9 minute or 11 minute position. Some ad wizards feel the longer minute hand covers the 2 (the shorter hour hand, of course, doesn't block the 10). 10:09, therefore, still creates a harmonious smile/logo frame but with none of the unsettling visuals of a single covered number. (Theory: advertising execs who handle watch accounts have the cleanest assholes on the planet.)

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