Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, Swindon's Finest; pop classicists of the highest order, though they began in the 70's as a funny, quirky, post-punk band with 4-D rough edges. Someone named a drug after them. My fave is (still) English Settlement, but It's All Good. In emulation of Can's "Ethnological Forgery Series", their Dukes of Stratosphear side projects returned us to the thrilling days of 60's British Psychedelia.

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XTC is a band that came out of Swindon in Wiltshire, England in 1977. Often considered to be part of the Punk and New Wave movements however, XTC is a pop band.
Influenced by such luminaries as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and The Kinks, in the mid-80s, XTC went underground and then reappeared, as the psychedelic band Dukes of Stratosphear with the EP 25 O'Clock.

XTC had an American hit with their anti-fame song The Mayor of Simpleton, from their 1989 double LP Oranges and Lemons.

XTC is led by Andy Partridge: guitarist, singer, songwriter. Partridge suffers from acute stage fright, which led XTC to end their touring career in 1982.

Colin Moulding is the bassist and other songwriter of XTC, responsible for many of their most famous songs including their breakthrough hit Making Plans for Nigel, and the MTV hit King for a Day.

Dave Gregory was the keyboardist for many years, but left the band during the recording of Apple Venus Volume 1. Hired prior to the recording of the album Drums and Wires to replace original keyboardist Barry Andrews, he is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, keyboards, singing background vocals, and providing string arrangements as well.

And what are they up to now, you ask?
XTC and Virgin Records announced the release on 25 March 2002 (April 2 in the U.S.A.) of Coat of Many Cupboards, the definitive XTC box set will consisting of 60 tracks of hits, outtakes, alternate versions, rarities, and demos.

XTC´s discography

White Music (1/1978)
Go 2 (10/1978)
Drums and Wires (1979)
Black Sea (1980)
English Settlement (1982)
Mummer (1983)
The Big Express (1984)
Skylarking (1986)
Oranges and Lemons (1989)
Rag & Bone Buffet (1990)
Nonsuch (1992)
Apple Venus vol. 1 (1999)
Wasp Star (Apple Venus vol. 2) (2000)

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