The Beach Boys main line-up consisted of Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine with, at various times, Dave Marks, Bruce Johnston (earlier of Bruce And Terry), Glen Campbell, Ricky Fataar (later of The Rutles)and Blondie Chaplin.

The main fallacy in what is up here so far is the idea that Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys are interchangeable. While Brian was responsible for a lot of the best work, like Pet Sounds and Smile, much of the early 70s material with Carl and Dennis at the helm is truly excellent too - and Carl Wilson had one of the all time great rock & roll voices.

Of course Mike Love's touring 'Beach Boys' (Love with Johnston and a few mates) is an utter sham, but check out Surf's Up, The Beach Boys Love You, Carl & The Passions (So Tough) or Brian and Dennis' solo albums to hear some great overlooked music...

Albums - Surfin' Safari
Surfin' USA
Surfer Girl
Little Deuce Coupe
Shut Down Vol 2
All Summer Long
The Beach Boys' Christmas Album
Beach Boys Concert
The Beach Boys Today!
Summer Days... And Summer Nights!
Beach Boys Party!
Pet Sounds
Smile (unreleased)
Smiley Smile
Wild Honey
Beach Boys Live In London
Surf's Up
Carl & The Passions (So Tough)
The Beach Boys In Concert
15 Big Ones
The Beach Boys Love You
MIU Album
LA (Light Album)
Keepin' The Summer Alive
The Beach Boys '85
Still Cruisin'
Summer In Paradise
Stars & Stripes Vol 1
The Beach Boys Live At Knebworth 1980

As well as their albums as a group, all the members of the Beach Boys have made solo albums. Here's a list of all the solo albums by members of the classic line-up. David Marks, Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar are not included because they were not in the band for long enough periods, and appearances on other people's albums, and side-projects like Mike Love's Celebration, or The Legendary Masked Surfers are not counted unless noted.

1977 - Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue
Bruce Johnston Going Public

1981 - Mike Love Looking Back With Love
Carl Wilson Carl Wilson

1982 - Carl Wilson Youngblood

1988 - Brian Wilson Brian Wilson

1995 - Brian Wilson I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks Orange Crate art

1998 - Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and Dave Marks of the Beach Boys Salute NASCAR
Brian Wilson Imagination

2000 - Brian Wilson Live At The Roxy
Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson Like A Brother.

2001 - Mike Love and Bruce Johnston - Summertime Cruising
Al Jardine Family & Friends - Live In Las Vegas

2002 - Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds Live In London

2004 - Brian Wilson - Gettin' In Over My Head (forthcoming)
Brian Wilson - Smile (forthcoming)

Dennis and Carl Wilson and Mike Love's solos are all out of print currently. Also the compilations Endless Harmony and Hawthorne, Ca are largely composed of otherwise unreleased material. A good overview of the band's career is provided by the box set Good Vibrations: 30 Years Of the Beach Boys and the box set The Pet Sounds Sessions contains much material that is unavailable elsewhere. More information about line-up changes and so on can be found at the nodes for individual albums, which detail their making.

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