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I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups

Update May 1 2005: I should be regaining net access within the next couple of weeks.

I have (temporarily I hope) lost my net access, so I probably won't be on much for a while

My apologies to anyone who tried to email me - I've accidentally had an email address with a typo in up here for the last year or so...

I've not been noding as frequently in the last year as I did previously, due to personal comittments, but oddly those nodes I *have* written, people seem to like...maybe this 'quality over quantity' thing works after all ;)

I'm not as much of a 'community' person as many people here, although I put in my time in the catbox like anyone else, but if my nodes are any good it's mostly down to help and encouragement from many noders, but especially dannye and wertperch, both of whom went out of their way to tell me what I was doing right and wrong in my nodes, as well as providing good examples by their own nodes. I think my music nodes are also very influenced by tes' nodes - at the time I started noding seriously, I think tes was the only person doing serious track-by-track analyses of albums, rather than merely noding tracklists or doing nodes that talk about the album generally without going into specifics.

If you're a new user and get a /msg from me saying that your node has problems, please don't take it badly, no matter how harsh it sounds. I often sound rather curt, but I'm trying to help. I've *often* downvoted a w/u and sent a message explaining why, and ended up giving it a C! once the writer rectified the problems.

Almost all my nodes are about music, especially 60s pop stuff - I've noded every single thing that can possibly be connected to the Beach Boys - but I also fill any gaps in the database that I find. I'm a member of e2comix, and am planning on noding more about comic-related stuff in the future. I am also a mentor, but my mentees all seem to disappear - I'm not very good at it. I'm also an inactive member of a couple of creative writing projects on here, which I joined before I realised the time would be more than I could commit to - I still may take part though.

For someone who loves to write, I'm afraid my style is functional at best - just state the facts as plainly as possible. There are a few w/us I've done where I don't think the writing is too bad, though. The writeups I've done that might actually be enjoyable to those with no intrinsic interest in the subject are Everybody Hurts, Dave Sim, Sail On Sailor, Ray Charles Is God. Those ones are the only ones where I think I've turned a nice phrase or two. The only writeup of mine I've ever seen quoted however is Paul McCartney cannot read or write sheet music, a line from which made it into someone's .sig, as I was pleasantly surprised to discover on a random Google.

Interests Outside E2
I have a livejournal - - where I post all the stuff that I would otherwise daylog.
I was until last week a member and principal songwriter of a band called Stealth Munchkin (whence the username) - you can find their music on soulseek in MP3 format. I will soon be announcing a new project involving my music (my new band will debut at the Cavern in Liverpool on October 25).
I am writing and drawing a comic based around the Beach Boys album Smile - see
I am also involved in the new software company BoggartSoft ( coming soon ) debugging, coding and documenting Windows software (I know... don't kill me) as well as working on some books on software-related subjects with my uncle.