An album that is pretty much exactly what its title states. It is the Beach Boys (minus Brian Wilson who didn't tour at this point), performing live in London, (along with backing musicians Daryl Dragon, Ed Carter and Mike Kowalski and a local horn section). The US title is somewhat less accurate, calling it Beach Boys '69, when in fact the album was recorded in 1968.

A hidden gem amongst the Beach Boys catalogue, Live In London is a recording which shows the band at a transitional period, when they were at a commercial peak in the UK while almost unrecognised in their home country, adding more interesting and obscure material to the hits. The album doesn't contain a single song also performed on their first live album from less than four years previously!Rather depressingly it also contains a lot more obscure material than is heard at gigs by the current incarnation of Mike Love'stouring 'Beach Boys'

The album is the complete concert, apart from encore track All I Want To Do (later released on the Rarities compilation).


  1. Darlin'
  2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
  3. Sloop John B
  4. California Girls
  5. Do It Again
  6. Wake The World
  7. Aren't You Glad
  8. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
  9. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
  10. Good Vibrations
  11. God Only Knows
  12. Barbara Ann

The album is currently available on a Capitol records twofer with Beach Boys Concert

The line-up for this album was Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston (plus the backing band mentioned above)

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