Michael Edward Love is the lead singer of the Beach Boys and only current member of the touring band to also be an original member, although Bruce Johnston is also involved in that band.

Mike Love sang lead - the nasal part, not the falsetto - on most of the Beach Boys' early hits, and also co-wrote many of them, usually with Brian Wilson, though how much Love actually contributed has been questioned by some.
He also made a truly horrible solo album called Looking Back With Love.

Many Beach Boys fans tend to underestimate his contributions to the band because of his alleged personal behaviour, and his preference for the hits over the more substantial later material in concert.

Mike also co-wrote the Beach Boys' last big hit, 1988's Kokomo, with Terry Melcher, Scott Mackenzie and John Philips of The Mamas And The Papas. Oddly, after lawsuits in which he won co-writing credit on I Get Around and Help Me Rhonda (although many people dispute his claim) this makes him the only person with co-writing credit on all the Beach Boys' US or UK number 1 hits.

The most recent recording he took part in was a CD of remakes given away at petrol stations entitled Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks of The Beach Boys salute NASCAR and Union 76 Gasoline. It also featured Dean Torrence of Jan And Dean. (Update - he and Johnston recently did a CD called Summertime Cruising given away when you test drive Chrysler cars. I haven't heard this CD so I can't comment.

For more on Johnston and Melcher see Bruce And Terry. For more on the current 'Beach Boys' see Mike Love's touring 'Beach Boys'.

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