This is an album from 1998 that was given away free in petrol stations in the USA as a promotion for Union 76 Gasoline and NASCAR. It consists of remakes of old car songs, mostly by the Beach Boys, performed by the band that toured as 'the Beach Boys' in the late '90s, namely original member Mike Love, long-term member Bruce Johnston and Dave Marks, who had been a member in the early 60s, along with Brian Wilson impersonator Adrian Baker, who also produced.

Dean Torrence of Jan And Dean also guests, but Al Jardine is not present, and nor is Carl Wilson (the album was recorded before his death but released afterwards).

The name of the label, MELECO, suggests that Michael Edward Love is the owner...

Not the greatest album in the world, but Little GTO and Ballad Of Ole Betsy are nice enough.

Track listing:

  1. Mike and Bruce Discuss NASCAR and Union 76
  2. I Get Around
  3. Little Deuce Coupe
  4. Little Old Lady from Pasadena
  5. 409
  6. Little GTO
  7. Ballad of Ole Betsy
  8. Little Honda
  9. Fun Fun Fun
  10. Don't Worry Baby

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