The second Beach Boys album of 1967, Wild Honey saw them toying with a sparse, R&B-flavoured style very unlike previous work (though simillar to their early-70s sound).
Carl Wilson, who sang lead on most of the album, called this 'a very un-Brian album'. Despite this, Brian Wilson co-wrote 9 of the album's 11 songs with Mike Love. The other two songs were I Was Made To Love Her - originally a hit for Stevie Wonder, and How She Boogalooed It, the band's first effort at songwriting without Brian's help, which doesn't really come off.
Despite having the hit single Darlin', and being of an excellent overall quality, the album had little success, and did nothing to slow the band's inevitable decline into commercial oblivion.
  1. Wild Honey
  2. Aren't You Glad
  3. I Was Made To Love Her
  4. Country Air
  5. A Thing Or Two
  6. Darlin'
  7. I'd Love Just Once To See You
  8. Here Comes The Night
  9. Let The Wind Blow
  10. How She Boogalooed It
  11. Mama Says

The line-up for this album was Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston
The album is available on a Capitol records twofer CD with Smiley Smile
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