The 17th book of the New Testament

This is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to Timothy (the pastor of the church at Crete). This letter is more of a personal nature, encouraging and counselling Titus in his difficult Job of leading the often-heretical church at Crete.

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Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
Book: Titus
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This epistle chiefly contains directions to Titus concerning
the elders of the Church, and the manner in which he should give
instruction; and the latter part tells him to urge obedience to
magistrates, to enforce good Works, avoid foolish questions, and
shun heresies. The instructions the Apostle gave are all Plain
and simple. The Christian religion was not formed to answer
worldly or selfish views, but it is the Wisdom of God and the
power of God.
“Titus” is a filming of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, with Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, and directed by Julie Taymor. The plot consists of the sufferings of a Roman general at the hands of an Imperial household he has mistakenly put into power, and his suicidal revenge against them. If you enjoy stories about good people undergoing pointless anguish, don't confine yourself to the Chinese and Jewish histories - come home to great Rome and Shakespeare!

Titus Andronicus is one of Shakespeare's goriest tragedies, and the story is put to good use in this black comedy. The sets are a hodgepodge of material from many times and many lands - living Greek and Roman frescoes, togas, and cushions in gaudy color set beside brown ruins, dusty motorcycles, and silvery duct tape. The director has put a lot of thought into the details, drawn from many periods. There is a bit of explicit sex shown at a distance in one scene - far more offensive to most viewers may be the gore, but as it's Shakespeare, it's all put to good purpose.

Don't let the artificiality of the set bother you. Presented as it is in this fantastic mixture of styles, the venerable language stands out exquisitely, like a piece of pure coal in a setting of neon plastics.

It is a fine show. I recommend this picture, and intend to see it again.

Titus was the Roman emperor between 79 and 81, the son of Vespasian, whom he succeeded. The main event of his reign was the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii in 79. There was also a great fire at Rome, and a terrible plague. He devoted himself to his people by helping the victims of these calamities.

Before his accession he was the leader of the campaign against the Jews in 70, and the capture of Jerusalem. He had also had an affair with Berenice, daughter of King Herod Agrippa of Judaea.

His full name at birth was Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus. He was born on 30 December 41. He was a very popular and kindly ruler, completing the Colosseum and the baths named for him, and enacting laws against informers; and was deified after his death. His quite unexpected death on 1 September 81 might have been procured by his successor, his evil brother Domitian.

His most famous saying was, on realizing that he had passed a day without helping anyone, Diem perdidi, 'I have lost a day.'

Titus is the wonderfully creative dark comedy of a Tv show from the mind of Christopher Titus. Titus was shown on the Fox channel.

The show's basic premise is simple. The daily life of Christopher Titus and his family. Though Titus does have a great twist. Unlike other shows, Titus doesn't have a perfect ending, perfect family or a perfect scenario. Titus talks to the viewer. His brother is a vegetable. His father is an alcoholic. His girlfriend looks perfect but her family is worse than the Titus family. His best friend is an effeminate man. Finally, his mother is a psycho.

Titus is a show that doesn't shy away from certain topics. To start with sexual harassment is one of the first topics it dealt with. A few other "touchy" subjects touched on..

Of course this makes it sound controversial, while it is to an extent, it also tends to make light of many of the topics and allow the viewer to laugh. The show ends up being quite humorous while still being quite dark. Some of these topics turn out to be almost weekly topics on the show.

To discuss the show requires one to discuss the characters and their interactions. Christopher Titus is a hot rod mechanic who is dating a girl name Erin. He talks directly to the viewer in a black and white monologue type scene that is interlaced with the episode.

Christopher's father is Ken Titus, played by Stacy Keach. He is an alcoholic abusive father. He has already had five wives and many more sexual partners. He has made Christopher's and Dave's life a living hell from his pressure and constant negativity. Overall he is normally the villain in the show, but also he saves Christopher and Dave from almost as many problems as he causes. He has two children, Christopher from his first wife, Juanita, and Dave was left with him from his third wife.

Dave is played by Zack Ward. Dave is the comic relief for most of the show. He appears cartoonish and his actions normally tend to lean towards idiotic. Dave was left with Ken when his mother had enough and left. Unfortunately he entered into Ken's house at the age of 5 but he was protected by Christopher most of the time. Unfortunately Dave was not pressured like Ken and turned into a drug user with an extremely low IQ. Dave is always around Christopher and is quick comedic in his actions.

Christopher's best friend is Tommy Shafter, played by David Shatraw. Tommy is an effeminate man who appears to be homosexual in all his actions, but protests his heterosexuality. He also works with Christopher at the hod rod shop. He is over enthusiastic and the normal guy on the show. By normal it means the guy who didn't have any problems in his life. He gets very stressed out when he has a problem.

Erin Fitzpatrick is the Christopher'ssgirlfriend, played by Cynthia Watros. Erin also came from a bad household, only Erin's family is all drug addicts, crooks, and just plain sleaze bags. Erin is a great comfort to Christopher because she has been through almost the exact same stuff.

Juanita Titus is Christopher Titus' mom. She has actually been played by three different actresses, Christine Estabrook, Frances Fisher, and Connie Stevens. She is a truly psychotic woman who has attempted to murder her ex-husband, Ken Titus. Juanita has been paroled many times and finally started dating her psychiatrist. Her psychiatrist, Bill was killed by Juanita at the first attempted marriage between Christopher and Erin.

The beautiful thing about the show is that everything is the opposite of what Tv would show you. A perfect example of how to explain this show is to think of the anti-Wonder Years.

Fox has canceled the series after three season. The final four episodes were aired on July 29th and August 5th, two episodes on each night.

On the July 29th two new episodes came on.

In the first episode Tommy's mom is dating Ken, she ends up dating both her husband and Ken Titus.

In the second episode Christopher and Erin try to adopt Amy, but when the person from child services come, Christopher finds his mom had killed again.

On August 6th two move episodes were aired.

In the first episode Titus and his friends have a problem on the flight back from Titus' mom's funeral and a piece of turkey sparked the memory of his mom. His mom's only good memory was of how great thanksgiving was. Meanwhile Dave makes the bathroom into a personal..... something?

In the second episode Titus is arrested by the FBI after getting off the plane and the family must commit him to a mental hospital to save themselves. Otherwise they all will get 20 years in county.

There also appears to be ONE more episode on the 12th.. this is not confirmed by many sources but there is one show that has not aired (pulled because it dealt with child molestation.)

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