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The Greek root technos means "art" and "skill", and the Greek root logos means "word" and "meaning". English usage of the root logos as -logy generally indicates the study of a subject, which one could in turn perceive as attaching meaning to the subject and developing a nomenclature for it. One exception to this usage is "technology" which is not so much the study of art and skill, but the practical application of knowledge, or a method of accomplishing a task (source: www.merriam-webster.com).

Someone suggested that a narrower definition "technology" is more appropriate, so I started weighing the matter myself. Since a direct translation of "technos logos" could be the "art of words", I figured that my thoughts on how to use words in a writeup would fit well under the term technology.

There are many arguments that ensue from an assumption that the meaning behind a phrase or word is wholly contained by the word or words themselves. This line of argumentation leads away from understanding what a person meant when they used the word or phrase. Instead, the argument will be about the imaginary "real" definition of a word in the phrase.

However, part of the greatness of E2 is the personal spin put in the writeups by their authors, so words that may be inappropriate can be used to suggest a new way of looking at some information, for example, calling Name signs a technology rather than part of speech as etoile suggested could lead a reader to a new appreciation of sign language, or someone researching technology to incorporate forms of it that have nothing to do with machines.

Voting is also a technology, a method of accomplishing the task of aggregating the opinions of a multitude of voters. A prudent application of such a technology could change everything.

You have 1 message…….1 missed call…..HI, this is me, im not in my seat right now, but if you want to leave a message, please say so after the beep….ttttttttttttttt.

Wow ! Life has been so hi-tech nowadays that you don’t need to stand up to change the channel of your television. Remote control has been taking over our lives and we have become slave to technology. I was just watching a newscast the other day and can you imagine, that in Japan they already invented a robot purposely for love making? They even have robo dog or a robo nanny to take care of their children when they are away. The advent of technology has made our life so complicated that sometimes we have to cope up otherwise we will be left behind and be doomed by the Technology Dependent Generation.

The other night I was cleaning my room after watching Clean House a syndicated TV show on the Style Network wherein the host of the show will choose 1 house each week and turn the cluttered house into a neat, chic and stylish new home. The word declutter has been a key word for this show and so with myself, I have been declutter ing my room every 3 months just to let go of some things that have become useless, just laying there and needs to go to the trash can. While going through old electric and credit card bills, old newspapers, some clippings from time magazine, readers digest, and then I came upon these old letters from my sister, way back in 1999, during my first year in Saudi Arabia. I read one letter, and mind you the letter was hand written with matching stickers and crosswords puzzles, cutted out of a local newspaper in the Philippines. At that time, we don’t have internet yet in the office and it was only later that year that I created my yahoo account, which I am still using right now.

As I was reading the letter, I traveled back in time, when life was still not complicated. I miss my sister’s old hand written letters. It brings back a lot of good old memories when we were still young. When life was a lot simplier and the only thought provoking decision I have to make each day is whether I have to go to school the next day or not? It has been 10 years that I have not received a hand written letter from my sister. All I received is text messages from my mobile phones or offline messages from yahoo messenger and comments from my facebook and friendster. Sometimes, I am lucky if I get to chat with her on Skype because of the time difference and the busy schedules we have. Oftentimes, we just follow each other on Twitter.

I really wish that she would start making those old hand written letters again and delivered to me via Air mail complete with postage stamps and a warning at the back – Please don’t fold, pictures inside….do they really fold the letters in the post office and to think that there are like thousands and bulks and bulks of letters that the post office receives each day, do they have the time to read the warnings?

They say that technology has helped a lot to make our lives better. It has made our work easier and faster, and for those people whose love lives have become miserable, those who cannot find a date, just log in to date.com, choose your preferred mate, in any country, any nationality, any sex, and just by one click…voila…..you can be the next American Idol !

Technology has its own advantage and disadvantage, but in this days and time we usually depend on the advantage and take its disadvantage as a challenge to make life more complicated, we have to be continuously apt for the challenge, be aware of what is new, be up to date because just when you thought that technology is at its peak, there are more to come.

Children of today’s generation had been too dependent on technology that they prefer to play the Wii than climbing trees, chat with friends online instead of going out and hanging with friends under the moonlight, when blind dates have become obsolete because its easier to escape or delete your on-line date while chatting if you don’t find him as attractive as his profile pic. We simply lost being in touch personally.

Why dont we start to write again, i mean not typing in front of your computer, writing using your hand and your pen, write something spontaneously, capture the moment and write the feelings you wanted to share to your love ones, surprise them by sending them a card with handwritten quotations or favorite line in a movie. Let us try to go back and take the positive things we learned and practiced that has made us a better person today. It doesn’t hurt when we reflect and be good old fashioned once in a while. We have become rare and are just playing along the music of Lady Gaga and Black eyed Peas. We don’t want to be extinct, we are human beings and we are specially made because we can think and we can act the way we want to because of our human emotion and intelligence that a computer doesn’t have.

Tech*nol"o*gy (?), n. [Gr. an art + -logy; cf. Gr. systematic treatment: cf. F. technologie.]

Industrial science; the science of systematic knowledge of the industrial arts, especially of the more important manufactures, as spinning, weaving, metallurgy, etc.

Technology is not an independent science, having a set of doctrines of its own, but consists of applications of the principles established in the various physical sciences (chemistry, mechanics, mineralogy, etc.) to manufacturing processes.

Internat. Cyc.


© Webster 1913.

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