I saw the idea in a Dilbert cartoon (February 7, 1999 on the desk calendar that I had). But I think it's a very interesting one worth pondering.

First, if we assume that the human race will survive the enormous societal changes and dangers that will be introduced by nanotechnology, then the rate of advancement and development will increase radically. There's always the idea of the technology singularity here, though whether or not it occurs is not exactly relevant.

Nanotechnology won't be the limit on what will be attempted. After it's well developed, the quest for knowledge and technology will give cause to push onward, leading to the possibility of picotechnology, manipulation below the atomic level, leading to things we can't even imagine now.

As long as humans are alive, they'll keep pushing the sphere of knowledge farther and farther. Maybe someday they'll (or WE will, depending on what happens in the near future) understand things so well as to be able to manipulate the fabric of space-time, create new universes, or things that seem ridiculous now.

And in the process, we may evolve ourselves into something unrecognizable, something working together as one like the cells of the body create a single organism, something that has mastery of the universe in was that could be called a god.

Who knows? Maybe time is different, or doesn't exist outside of this universe, and somehow this so-called god crafted the universe we live in in such a way as to cause it's own creation. Though I guess that would make this god both past and future... Anyways, I hope I get to live to participate in it, if it occurs...

To take a popular quote and twist it a bit: Any sufficiently powerful being is indistinguishable from a god. The original quote is, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". See Babylon 5 (as in go watch the show, don't just read the node) and Contact (read the book too) for ideas that involve this concept.

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