"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

This law (See Clarke's Laws for the rest) is very accurate. The current technology is, for most part, something that past generations could not imagine even in their wildest dreams. Also, the technology is able to do things that are, well, magic-like. Instead of weird magic trinkets and ointments, we have medicine... and hey, both may be able to cure diseases, and modern stuff even better!

Back in the day, people just died. Now, thanks to advances in medicine, we may, if we're lucky and act quick, be able to get the deceased person back to life - and we definitely are better at preventing fatal diseases. And how would the ancient generations describe this? "It's magic. Only miracles can bring people back from dead, or make them live 100 years old."

...and no who has used computers can deny that computers are sometimes fairly unpredictable and chaotic, despite of their cold and rational architecture.

I would even say that technology is magic that mostly works. =)

See also: technomancer, Perl

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