Sparkleface is a noder and a regular in #everything. Though her nature runs toward the persnickety, she is generally a well mannered and thoughtful young lady. She is honest (though I know for a fact that she stole a bag of m&ms in 1974) and hard working (though I know for a fact that she plays at least 2 games of minesweeper a day) and a team player (though I know for a fact that she crossed her eyes in her third grade class picture).

Sparkleface, or "Sparky" as she is sometimes known, has an eye for luxury. She has lived in many different states of the US and many have credited this for her eclectic home decorating style. Her bedroom is highlighted by a lovely wood and wrought-iron bed accented by a signed photo of Don Knotts. When she took up housekeeping with her artist-fiance, it was her sense of the classic along with a dash of whimsey that led her to pair her down-stuffed velvet sofa with his portraits of skeletal zombies. Walking though the door of a home Sparky has made makes one feel welcome yet creeped out at the same time. Now that's talent!

Perhaps the best way to get to know Sparkleface is to travel with her, and 'travel' is her middle name! Whether flying, driving or sailing to your destination, she is the perfect companion and is always up for a good game of Slug Bug, License Plate Bingo, The Alphabet Game, 20 Questions or Hangman. When it is her turn to drive (her car's name is Mrs. Tables), she is cautious, courteous and patient; always allowing other drivers to live up to their potential. What a great feeling to get that "You're #1" sign as they pass her by!

Sharing a meal with Sparky is a treat for young and old alike. When she had braces as a teenager, they didn't quite close the gap between her two front teeth. When the odd piece of spinach or endive gets stuck there and she asks "do I have anything in my teeth?", say no! It takes her hours, hours I tell you, to get it out! (If you laugh too much when she talks, just tell her you are thinking of a thing you saw on Spongebob Sqarepants - she'll totally believe you).

What makes the food in the teeth trick so very fun is the fact that Sparky is so darn pretty! She has long blond hair and dark blue eyes and a smile she isn't stingy with. Like a princess-mermaid-librarian, she is pretty and fishy and smart all rolled into one. She eats Lean Cuisine not because she needs to, but because she likes them.

Her high-powered bosses probably thought they hired a cupcake at first, but she sure showed them! From singing songs at the top of her lungs (ooooo she got yelled at for that!) to giving them "time outs" and putting them on "restriction" for touching her beloved 5pm Kit-Kat, Sparky proved herself to be a contender in the brutal day to day grind that is office stuff.

In conclusion I want to say that the very best thing about Sparkleface is her faithful friendship. She is still friends with people from high school (trust me that was a long time ago). She is a wonderful listener and would loan you her last dollar. I am one of the luckiest people on the face of the planet because I am her oldest friend - and her sister.

As Sparkleface herself would say, "Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!".

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