Fantastic Plastic Machine - 1999.

DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka is a sampler in human form. Chop up techno, J-pop, and French Bossa Nova, fill him up, and out pops his second full album. Once you get past the opening track, it's an highly enjoyable musical treat of cheery, whimsical '60s music brought to today. Honolulu, Calcutta and Electric Lady Land are my two favorite songs here. One's far more dreamy than the other, but both show how Tanaka uses multilingual female vocals to great effect. People familiar with the self-titled debut album might be disappointed however, as it's much less energetic and thematic than the first, but personally I find a better album. Fans of Pizzicato Five should definitely check this out. One note: the album has a number of bonus tracks that change depending on country. The bonus tracks below are for the US version.

1. Theme Of Luxury
2. There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) - (For Mirror Ball mix)
3. Honolulu, Calcutta
4. Electric Lady Land - (English version)
5. He Became A Beatnik
6. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated To Mrs. Kennedy)
7. You Must Learn All Night Long
8. Lotto
9. Satellite Beats
10. I've Forgotten My Fagotto
11. Girl Next Green Door, The
12. MPF (Mezzo Pianoforte)
13. Mr. Fantasy's Love
14. Electric Lady Land - (bonus track, Japanese version)
15. Bossa For Jackie - (bonus track, Summer Review EP version)

Lux"u*ry (?), n.; pl. Luxuries (#). [L. luxuria, fr. luxus: cf. F. luxure.]


A free indulgence in costly food, dress, furniture, or anything expensive which gratifies the appetites or tastes.

Riches expose a man to pride and luxury. Spectator.


Anything which pleases the senses, and is also costly, or difficult to obtain; an expensive rarity; as, silks, jewels, and rare fruits are luxuries; in some countries ice is a great luxury.

He cut the side of a rock for a garden, and, by laying on it earth, furnished out a kind of luxury for a hermit. Addison.


Lechery; lust.



Luxury is in wine and drunkenness. Chaucer.


Luxuriance; exuberance.



Syn. -- Voluptuousness; epicurism; effeminacy; sensuality; lasciviousness; dainty; delicacy; gratification.


© Webster 1913.

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