Olivia is the feminine form of Oliver.

Oliver is taken from the French for "olive tree" which is a symbol of peace.

The Kabalarian Philosophy would suggest that a person named Olivia would have a sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life. That she would enjoy reading, study and contemplation about many different subjects. That when her curiosity is aroused, she will work intensely, but her interest will wane when encountering drudgery. Her greatest lack in life is stability and peace of mind and she will desire a peaceful and quiet environment such as found out in nature, but is often drawn back into chaotic conditions. She will be fond of outdoor sports where she can find an outlet for her nervous energy. She will be impulsive, which may lead to a higher likelihood of being involved in accidents. She will not like restrictions to her freedom and will find it difficult to control her thoughts, leading to possible moodiness.

Famous Olivias include:

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