Hardcore band from the San Francisco Bay Area. All Bets Off is made up of Sammy the Mick, Forrest Lawrence, Andrew Kerwin and they'll hopefully have a drummer the next time you see them. Former drummers include Leighton Cressman and Jake Rimler.

All Bets Off puts on an amazing show. Lots of audience participation and energy. One of my main influences in music. To illustrate how hardcore they are, right now, Sammy is missing his front teeth from getting them knocked out stage diving at Slim's in San Francisco.


Two New Songs Split 7 inch with Sworn Vengeance:

The Remedy

Roshambo Deathmatch:
Stakes Are High
Sisters and Daughters
People Die Everyday

Friendly Fire
Dirty Boy
Bloom in Black
My Time Will Come
St. Mary's Children
Like You
Fight the Fight

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