People fear the unknown, death is unknown. Is it eternal silence or is there an after life? is one question universaly asked. Heaven and hell also comes to mind, the majority of people afraid of dieing are afraid of hell's tortures. People who lead good lives do not fear death and actually welcome it when it arrives. Many philosophers talked about death in their philosophies, and many philosophers do not fear it. Aristotle, Plato and the Persian philosopher Miskawayh all talked about death in their works. Similarities between Philosophical works are close, it all concludes that people fear the unknown.

There are other people who do not fear death. Depressed people with the belief that death will end their misery. Japanese Sippuku ritual with the belief of getting rid of shame and disgrace, fear of shame out weight fear of death. Muslim Mujahidin with the belief of an instant to heaven access if they ever die martyrs.

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