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I know it is not 
    normal to think of stars
as things to be loved
    I, however, do.
Although I do, I cannot
    say that when they are absent
(in the day) I miss any one
    of them more than the others
I think of them as a
    singularity. We are all allowed
our adolescence;  in mine I
    said one star held on to me longer
than the others.
I cannot say I love you
    less than the stars.
They have one action,
    one face between them
while in each of your 
    shining moments
you give me one more 
    thing to cherish
If the stars went out
    one by one
I, at least, would not miss them
   when the sun shines
and does its damning dance
Life should not be lived in fear of death
    and right here and now, in the fluid present,
I am not afraid of anything - 
    my solace is your starlight
In a sense,
    I do not read the Bible for its prose
but to ask the author for more time
    to watch you shine

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