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My mom, my sister and I are climbing a frozen mountain. There are lots of ice-cold streams flowing all around us. My mom says there has been a train wreck near by and we should leave because it's dangerous and we'll be in the way of the rescue crew. I tell her that there are more important things. Thousand of people are trapped in the mountain. I am lifting huge piles of snow off the top of the mountain and lifting the people in their black cars, small as fingernails, out of the mountain. So my mom agrees to stay.

I get caught in a stream and fall down the mountain. Everything rushes by. They are looking for me but it's too late. I quickly freeze to death.

Now I am a tiny frozen being. I am able to glide through the water and ice incredibly quickly. There is another being on the ice with me. He has a bow and arrow. I am afraid of him so I glide away. He comes after me but is not nearly as fast. Since I lost all of my memory of my past life when I died I don't realize that he wants to kill me. He also doesn't recognize me in my new form so feels no agression towards me. We become friends.

I am in the house where my father and sister are. My sister is also a tiny frozen being, like a walking tear. I mistake her for my mother. I tell my new friend that this is my father and his wife.

My friend is expecting to meet and fight someone (me in my human form, though I don't realise it). He asks if he can have the fight here. I acquiesce but tell him that my family and I will go to another house because being in the vicinity of the fight will be dangerous. My friend says that the whole reason he asked was that he thought he might need help. I tell him that I'll help my family move and come back to help him fight his enemy.

NOTE: Please follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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