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This is tomorrow, why are you looking at this node today, huh?

Update, 05/27/00: This is now today, so you may look at this node.

Update, 05/28/00: This is now yesterday, stop living in the past.

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E2 is still in TZ +0100 one hour ahead of UTC, since May 26, 2000. Presumably, nate or dbrown have virtually relocated E2 there. Question is, is it permanent?

DMan's ginseng is strong. But, would he need extra strong ginseng to get past jessicapierce?

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Feel I should register the fact that it's my birthday. I'm 23, a prime number - 27 and 5 are also prime ~ gosh what are the cosmic significances eh?

Every cloud has a silver lining
I got a call from the temp agency I work for yesterday. My assignment was terminated because the company I was working for (Nokia) didn't need me anymore. Orders are down, (You losers aren't buying enough cell phones! get out there and buy a new Nokia 6160! NOW!!) so they're laying off a bunch of the temporary workers. Anyway, after a bit of haggling, they got me a new assignment, with the same company, in the office instead of the factory, with better hours, and higher pay. So, I lost my job, which means I get a week off, better hours (no more 12 hour shift for me!), and more money. Woo hoo hoo!
I have to stop doing this. I really do. It seems that every weekend I screw up at least one platonic friendship. Drink, smoke, ruin. Drink, smoke, ruin. And so the vicious cycle continues...

I think I will take a break from drinking for a little while, maybe a few weeks to let the wounds heal. Then I can get right back out there and rub salt in them again! God, listen to me! I'm such a loser! If only I could be one of those quiet drunks who sits in a corner and laughs at everyone instead of...yeah.

Alcoholism runs in my family, I don't want to be the next to continue the cycle. I won't. I'm going to stop for a little while. I really will. No kidding.

What it is:
I awoke at 10:30AM and decided to turn on the TV for nostalgia's sake but was gravely disappointed by the cartoons which today's youth are subject to. I then browsed E2 for a Saturday morning node and found it, and what an excellent node it is. LordOmar knows whats up, although most of the cartoons on the list are slightly ahead of my time. Thundercats, Voltron, Gummi Bears, G.I. Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, and Tom and Jerry just to name a few. Someone needs to create an uber-DVD of every episode of all of the cartoons I watched as a kid. Then again, I'd never leave my house.
There she is! said Howard as I eagarly ran up the stairs to the workout room. He remembered me and was waiting to sign his book. I've been there for a year and a half and he's the first person I've told my name. (Shame on me for letting the retired English professor call me Betty all this time. I'm shy, like my privacy, have been out of circulation for too long ~ pick one or all that's how it is at this moment in my life). I wonder if my children will find this droll accounting of my daily life interesting in the far off future. I've met and made some good friends in a chat room and have never had cybersex, I'm faithfully married, but not always happily, so now you know the real secret life of this housewife Anyway it's here for them to find and they know it. I digress, back to Howard. He asked me to show his book to Valarie our instuctor. They've been friends for eight years. So she has the book for the weekend to read.

In short Albert Camus and the Minister is composed of Howard's notes of lengthy conversations he had with Camus some fourty years ago. Camus was interested in Christianity and sought out discussions with Howard over a series of summers at the American Church in Paris. One item of interest that he did tell Howard that even though his contemporaries called him an existentialist based on his Fall of Man he did not really consider himself to be one.I'll node a short summary about it when I get the book back. I was disappointed to lean that Howard will be lecturing on his book in Alexandria, Va. I was hoping to hear him speak.

Still thinking about the idea of volunteer work and have gone as far as writing the phone number down on a piece of paper. Still trying to muck up the courage to call. I get cold sweats thinking about it.

My aunt says my last e-mail sounded like I was "searching for something." It's unsettled me, I'm not sure what her objective is. Is it prying into the horrible past of childhood or a sincere wish to help. At any rate it's struck a nerve with me and it's uncomfortable. I no longer talk about the past. It's too painful to rehash all that garbage, I don't want to live there anymore. It's written in my journals for those to find at a later date.

The testing of your faith develops perserverance.
- James 1:3 (NIV)


PS The Alchemist Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

It's a bit of an odd time of year, really. Classes are over, but the exams aren't.

My next exam is ten days away, and I'm supposed to use the intervening time to study. I sure as hell won't spend all that time at the books, though.

The trouble is, I have precisely three distractions planned - two driving lessons, and one day in school working on a presentation we're doing in Edinburgh after school finishes for real.

I'm a little depressed, it would seem. My mother, on the other hand, thinks that there's something seriously wrong with me and assumes that I'm on drugs. Consequently, she has started treating me like a five year old.

There's not a lot I can do, really, other than making sure I get out the house from time to time, get some human contact, and don't go insane or kill a parent or something.

I guess I might even go into school to revise and get some peace and quiet at some point - but then I'll no doubt get some interrogation from my nosy sister.


I feel bad when confident predictions (like, "Things I will do tonight:", or "Certain to occur:") I make in the day logs fail to realize themselves for unclear reasons. Worse, I feel this way less because I ended up missing out, but because I'm polluting the database with bogus information. In a year or two I could come back here and read it like a diary and might not remember that I didn't -actually- do all these things. It would completely mess up the fragile relationship I have with my memories. (Note from October, 2007: He's not kidding. Plenty of these entries are less than useless!)

Anyhow, I didn't end up going to Critical Mass, though I did get the dirtiest on a borrowed bicycle than I've ever gotten without actually getting down on my hands and knees in the mud. Saw more CM people at the arcade than I suspect actually turned out to the ride (on account of the weather.)

Got an A on the hardest level of DDR (and a number of Ses - that is, the rank past A - on previous levels.) I was attracting a crowd! Not because I'm unusually good, mind you, but because I'm unusually good for the kind of person I am - big, hairy honkey. I could become a Dance Dance Revolution hustler, because no one expects this giant lanky goon to have the fine-keyed reflexes to hack Paranoia.

Anyway, the group splintered, fortuitously removing the greatest social irritant in the process, and the fire didn't end up panning out. In fact, between the biking and the DDRing, I was completely tuckered out. I have vague memories of eating and watching some TV show with Blackadder alumni but don't have recall any furtherly-specific than that.

Just woke up. It is pouring rain and I unexpectedly have five boxes of leftover Chinese food in my fridge. There's only two words to accurately describe the sensation I'm experiencing right now, and you get to guess 'em: a- b-----.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

Woke up at 11 AM thanks to my mad sleeping skills and the fact that we paid a visit to Gröna Lund last night, and made it home rather late. Initially we had two concerts planned bob Hund and Garmarna, but it was raining and we decided to stay in town and drink beer. Since we were about half a dozen of avid beerdrinkers, we headed straight for Frey's Hörna, one of Stockholm's many Belgian beer pubs, and split a jeroboam bottle of Tripel Karmeliet, as well as some assorted Belgians. Whilst we were finishing that sucker off, the weather improved slightly and we decided to head out to Gröna Lund anyway, despite missing both concerts. At Gröna Lund, a good time was had by all, driving bumper cars and target shooting with bb guns. Fun fun fun.
I just realized I really should do my workout and head home again; we are going to Birka early tomorrow, and I wouldn't mind getting >8h of sleep.

I'll fill in the dead links later.

Today's Soundtrack: Aimee Mann - One and Barry Adamson's The Murky World of Barry Adamson
So far: More packing. Posters, cosmetics (mostly the fun stuff, since I don't wear much everyday makeup), and stuff in general. Where am I going to pack my sword? It's too long for any of the boxes. I hate packing.

I modified Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip a bit. Can't believe I leave Wednesday (or maybe Thursday). My stomach is upset constantly. I'll make it though, right? Right. Can't find anyone to help me carry stuff to the truck, though. Feh.

In one week away, I'll be going to my smarter brother's place in Cary, North Carolina. I'm taking the AmTrak to his place, being that it's more scenic and makes more material for noding...

Aaaah... domestic tranquility around Casa 247 today. This is a welcome change from last night when both my toddler and I weren't feeling all that well. Yet, hubster insisted we all go over to the home of an old friend of his to watch videos.

"Ummm... hon, I don't know if that's such a good idea tonight," I said, choking back the morning sickness.
"Oh, c'mon! It'll be fun. We're going to watch The Phantom Menace on his 57" tv. We haven't seen it yet..." He was angling for his persuasion mode.
"Babe, I've been feeling like crap all day and Munchkin has been in rare 'terrible two' form -" BANG!
"We won't be over there too long, I swear!" he interjected. "Besides, Rosey and Gina want to fix us dinner." Yeah, food. That's the second-to-last thing I want to hear about right now. (belch!)
"Can't I just drop you off over there?" I was prepared to beg.
"They're expecting all of us," he replied. Screw begging my way out of this.
"@$%#$%@&!!! Well, thanks for making those plans (heavy sarcasm)! Dammit, pack my jug-o-tums, at least."

I'll spare you how the rest of last night went, including my son barfing during dinner and nauseous moi having to clean him up.

At least all is quiet now. Munchkin is napping and my mate is playing Final Fantasy VII, trying to master the fine art of catching a chocobo. Who knows... maybe I'll actually be able to do some site editing tonight if the guys continue to chill out.
Drifting half awake among the blankets and pillows, the phone ringing grows louder until I stumble out and pick it up. On the other end the voice of Mac, he wants to know if I am going to be around this weekend, he is riding the greyhound into town. A small breakfast, clear the living room of some clutter, and then drive out to the new office. There is a little bit of work that needs to be done, and then I drive to the greyhound station and wait for the bus to pull in. We drive to this huge junk store in a decrepit barn which is in an adjacent town, moving slowly down the towering aisles piled high with dusty shapes. We are searching for wheels suitable for a soap box car, find nothing even of interest beyond that except boxes upon boxes of door knobs.

On the way back into town we stop in to see Mac's parents at thier house. They are remodeling the entire place which they purchased about a year ago, walls torn out and a new hardwood floor inlaid. New appliances have been purchased for the kitchen, they are of the yuppy stainless steel variety. We talk for a while, common to small town life I detect that my parents are intertwined reasonbly close to his. We drive back to my house, drop off the car, and walk towards the campus restaurant area to meet his parents for free dinner. It is in a place I have avoided for some reason , the food is not bad, however a little on the dry and bland side. Done eating and on the way out, there is Paul waiting in line to order. He is in town for the weekend and Kirsten is with him, probably meet up with him later on. Stopping in at a coffee house to play a couple games of chess, we run into Jeanne and Rebecca. I quickly lose four games in a row, and we continue our walk downtown with the intent of renting a movie. It is agreed that it is finally time to rent Endless Summer, and the video store no longer carries it. Somehow that scuttled all plans for movie watching and it is decided that scavenging for soap box car wheels will be more fun.

A backpack full of tools, driving around through alleys, and a brief stop by a party which I was invited to by my sister. Only sticking around long enough to say hello, we cut out and continue our search. The power steering on the car is making jittery robot noises which is a little unsettling, looking at the fluid level, it is slowly getting lower which means trouble. Finally we find a pair of wheels in a secluded space and we begin our operation to remove them from what they are attached to. After we finish, I drop Mac off at his parents and go home to do a little reading (Cross Creek, Marjorie Rawlings) before bed time.

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