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A button on the left side of your keyboard. When you are wordprocessing, it is mainly used to cause an indentation in the text. Depending on your software, it could create a constant-length space, or simply move your cursor to the next tab-index.

Also functions to move your cursor along the various tab stops of the current Windows application. Much confusion results when users attempt to cause an indentation while typing only to find that their cursor has disappeared into the ether.

Can also serve to bring up the automap in a lot of games.

It is also something I pried off of my keyboard and gave to my friend Tabitha.

An obnoxious feature of Windows 98 is to briefly and mysteriously turn the tab-key into a running-application switcher. Suddenly you can't tab any more--either to indent text or to move among form fields. This feature can be activated deliberately by keying "alt-tab", or accidentally, simply by using Windows for a while.

A related misfeature is for the backspace key to be suddenly mapped to the back function in IE5...

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